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   Implants can be visualized as an artificial tooth root.  They offer us great advantages when presented with missing teeth.  Following your examination and evaluation the Dr.'s Pfeifer can suggest the best implant alternative for your situation.  This may involve fixed restorations (crowns and bridges) or removable as best applies to your conditions.  

     Normally, little to no anesthetic is required for this procedure.  It is done usually in two appointments.  After Dr.'s Pfeifer receive the information from the Dr. who placed the implant, they will have the proper size tools and parts needed to restore your implant.  Highly accurate impressions (molds) will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication of your new implant crown.

     At your second appointment, your temporary crown will be removed and your  implant crown will be fitted and cemented with a permanent cement.

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